Lil Wayne: 'The Mothers Of My Kids Are Great'

Life on the road can be tough — however, life on the road without the family along can be downright unbearable! Fortunately for Lil Wayne, his kids are always a phone call away. While the arrangements may not be ideal for the rapper, he credits his ex-partners with making the entire situation that much easier. “The mothers of my kids are great,” he tells the latest issue of Rolling Stone.

“If I’m calling at three in the morning because I’m in Europe, they’re willing to jump on that call: ‘Wake up! It’s your daddy!'”

Currently on tour, Lil Wayne is missing his 5-month-old son Dwayne Carter III, but has brought his daughter Reginae along for the ride, much to the 10-year-old’s delight. “On the road, everybody around me knows her, so she loves that,” he shares. Not only are the father-daughter duo having some time to themselves, the proud papa reveals his little girl is his biggest critic! “She watches the show every night and tells me, ‘Daddy, you shouldn’t have said that…'”

Although able to spend time with Reginae now, Lil Wayne understands that coordinating their schedules is not always feasible. When the time comes for the pair to be separated, the 26-year-old admits that being reunited with his daughter depends heavily on the continued support he receives from the girl’s mother. “If I haven’t seen my daughter Reginae in two months and want to see her, her mom’s packing her stuff up, asking where to send it,” he says.

Dwayne is Lil Wayne’s son from a previous relationship, while Reginae is his daughter with ex-wife Antonia ‘Toya’ Johnson.

Source: Rolling Stone; April 16th issue

— Anya

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