Infantino Lil' Lion's Happy Hang Out Activity Gym: Great For Small Apartments and Travel

As a former interior designer, I would never deprive my daughter of adorable and colorful toys, but some of those mats and swings are not the prettiest items (don’t start knocking me, we own them anyway). However, I was really excited when I was sent the Infantino Lil’ Lion’s Happy Hang Out Activity Gym, not only is it adorable, but it’s practical.

The number one reason I love this is because it’s small and very easy to put away. Great for those of you in small apartments. I have a Gymini and although my daughter loves it, it’s just big and almost overstimulating for her sometimes. I put the Lil Lion’s Happy Hang Out to the test the other day with Tatum and she absolutely loved it. I think the softer colors are easier for her to focus on and the toys are really well made.

There’s a zebra with a chaser bead ring that she grabbed right away and the leaves ruffle which is great for texture and hearing. She also grabbed the elephant teether rattle and since she just started grabbing this week, I was very excited!! There are additional toy loops so you can add some of your favorite toys and I think my favorite part is a large peek-a-boo mirror that plays these cute jungle sounds with music and in the background is this little kid that’s giggling, I mean seriously, who can resist a child’s giggle?

You won’t get annoyed by this music, promise. I would say my only negative, which isn’t such a negative is that the arch could be a little higher, but then that would defeat the purpose of it’s small compact size. It’s nice right now when my daughter is younger because she can easily grab things but as your baby gets older, It may be sitting in their face! Overall I really like this mat and so does my “little tester”.

Available now for $39.99 at!

— Doryn

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