"My general perspective on life started to change," says Lights of how having a baby affected her music

By Jeff Nelson
Updated March 25, 2015 05:20 PM
Credit: George Pimentel/WireImage

Hot off a Juno Award win (Canada’s Grammy equivalent) for her latest album, Little Machines, electro artist Lights is taking the U.S. by storm with her glowing synths.

The Toronto-born singer is furiously touring and will perform at the desert-set Coachella festival in Indio, California, on April 11 and 18.

PEOPLE hopped on the phone with the artist, née Valerie Anne Poxleitner, in between tour dates. Five things you should know about the Canadian synthpop star:

1. She’s got a rock-star family
Lights, 27, married metalcore rocker Beau Bokan of the band Blessthefall in 2012, and the couple welcomed their first child together, daughter Rocket Wild, in February 2014. And the singer is predicting her daughter will find a career in music as well.

“She really likes anything with a beat – she starts rocking out, head-banging to literally everything that has a beat,” says Lights, adding with a laugh: “It makes me think she’s going to be a drummer. She loves drums and making noise. It doesn’t sound great yet, but maybe someday it will!”

Both have busy touring schedules, and their little one’s along for the ride as well.

“It’s just a lot more choreography, but it does remind me a lot more often than I ever have been reminded to just enjoy the moment that you’re in,” she says.

“On our last tour, we were driving through Utah. We were sitting in the back lounge where we have this bed, and we were watching this beautiful scenery go by. I had my family next to me and just thought, ‘I’m never going to forget this moment.’ ”

2. Her daughter probably has more Instagram followers than you ever will
Once Lights and Bokan named their daughter, they spared no time to secure her place on social media.

“It started out as just squatting on all the things that had her name attached to it, all the social media turf,” says Lights. That includes her @rocketbokan Instagram handle, which currently boasts a modest 87,100 followers.

“We were just so proud of her that it was like, ‘Let’s post a picture. Let’s just post one. Here’s another cute one!’ It became our collection of favorite photos of her that we’re sharing with the world,” says Lights. “It turned out to be something really special.”

3. She’s a troubadour by blood
The daughter of two missionaries, Lights spent much of her childhood bouncing around the globe, from the Philippines to Jamaica. Touring is second nature to her, but things have changed a bit now that she’s a mom.

“I can’t really do the type of touring where you go out and party and get your face wasted off every night,” says Lights. “It’s just more fun for some reason. It’s a different kind of touring, but it’s one kind that I love very much.”

The new mom says she’s gotten used to the changed routine.

“I finish the show, get off the stage, come into the bus, sit there with my little girl and watch a movie, go to sleep and do it all the next day.”

4. She went into labor in the recording studio!
“Literally, I was doing vocals, and then, ‘Okay, I’m going into labor.’ ”

5. Motherhood has inspired her songwriting
The singer was in the thick of writing Little Machines, her third full-length album, when she learned she was expecting.

“My general perspective on life started to change,” she says. “By the time I was in the studio, I was full-term pregnant. I had all these emotions being poured into it and had the baby while we were recording. I went back into the studio three days later with the baby and new ideas and kept forging this piece that would be such a crazy reminder of that time of my life.”