March 02, 2007 01:56 AM

While most musicians leave their families behind to embark on lengthy tours, Michelle Branch gets to take hers with her on The Wreckers’ current U.S. outing. Her husband Teddy Landau is never too far from her sight as he is the bassist in the band and the couple brings along their daughter Owen Isabelle for the ride too. Owen, 19 months tomorrow, helps keep things real for Michelle, 23, and her Wreck-ing partner, Jessica Harp.

Having [Owen] with us all the time, it’s really hard to get too wrapped up in or take our job so seriously. When you walk on the bus and see this cute little face looking up and smiling at you and laughing, that’s also really helped us not to [take ourselves] too seriously. She’s walking and talking, and she’s a little ham, and she keeps everyone entertained for hours.

Michelle and Teddy, who met when he played bass for her during her solo career, have been married for two years.

Source: The Wilmington Star

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