Life Imitates Art for Rob Bogue and Mandy Bruno

Work imitated life for actors Rob Bogue and Mandy Bruno when the pair fell in love on the set of Guiding Light and became engaged to be married. Now, their characters are officially parents and Soap Opera Digest wanted to know if that was a sign of things to come for the couple. “It’s an interesting dynamic. Mandy is remarkably good with kids, and she’s a natural with my children [Zoe Chinook, born in 2005, and Zebulon Jeremiah, born in 2003] and [they] adore her,” notes Rob.

The actor believes that Mandy “was made to be a mother or be a teacher or be surrounded by children every day” and while he “hasn’t been around a baby in a couple of years,” having a little one around “doesn’t wig me out.”

“I adore kids and I would like to have more, and obviously, I’ve found someone I’d like to have more kids with! I will have more kids, so I guess it’s sort of on-screen practice for Mandy and I — but we have plenty of off-screen practice, too, with my kids, Zoe and Zebulon.”

Rob, 44, joined Guiding Light in the re-casted role of A.C. Mallet in 2005, while Mandy, 27, joined in 2004 in the role of Marina Cooper.

Source: Soap Opera Digest


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