It’s been a stroke of luck for Liev Schreiber since signing on to film his new movie Salt; With the majority of the filming in the New York City area — where the actor lives with his fiancée Naomi Watts and their family — the father-of-two has managed to stay close to home. Unfortunately for Liev, that often means little — or no — sleep. “I don’t remember the last time I slept like a human being,” he says.

While Liev may be grateful for the opportunity to keep things local, he admits with two boys under the age of two, life in the Watts-Schreiber household has been far from peaceful!

Telling Time Out Kids that his two boys are “really close” in age — Alexander ‘Sasha’ Pete, 21 months, and Samuel Kai, 4 months — the 41-year-old actor laughs that, so far, there has yet to be much brotherly bonding between the duo. “Well, right now it’s just brother-waking-up-brother, which is really the nightmare,” he shares.

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— Anya