By peoplestaff225
Updated January 10, 2009 09:00 PM

Calling self-exploration “one of the luxuries of being an actor,” Liev Schreiber has made no secret of his love for the craft. Fatherhood has trumped career for the 41-year-old actor, however, since welcoming sons Samuel Kai, 4-weeks and Alexander ‘Sasha’ Pete, 17 ½-months. “Remember that voyage of self-exploration I was talking so fondly about just then?” he says with a laugh in a new interview with the Times Online. “Well it just ends. You go, ‘Awhh sh-t! No more me time!'” Liev goes on to admit that the rigor of caring for two kids under the age of two with partner Naomi Watts has indeed taken a toll.

Fortunately, Sasha and Samuel know just how to keep their sleepy parents going. “They do one little thing in that last minute that is just so compelling and fascinating that it makes the other 23 hours and 59 minutes worthwhile,” Liev says.

Liev’s new movie Defiance is in theaters January 16th.

Source: Times Online