Liam Payne said he and Cheryl came up with the middle name together after she chose the baby's unique first name, Bear

By Stephanie Petit
May 16, 2017 02:05 PM

Just one day after Liam Payne shared the story behind his son’s name, Bear, the former One Direction member revealed his 8-week-old’s middle name: Grey.

During a sit-down with SiriusXM’s Morning Mash Up show, Payne said he and Cheryl came up with the name together after she chose their baby’s unique first name.

At first, however, the singer was set on something a bit more traditional.

“It was going to be James, I was going to name him, because my middle name’s James,” he said. “I was gonna give him my middle name, but I like Grey. I prefer Grey.”

Payne also talked about “jumping right in” to fatherhood.

“Just after she gave birth, I had him in my arms and then they leave you in the room with this baby in your arms,” he recalled, joking, “What do I do?”

The singer, 23, did admit that his son gave him a break when it came to his first day on diaper duty. Payne explained that he was in charge of changing his son while Cheryl, 33, rested after the delivery.

“This is the funny thing: it’s a while before a baby does their first poop, so all day there was no poop and I was like, ‘This is great. I can handle this,'” he said.

When Bear woke up early the next morning crying, however, Cheryl volunteered to change him … only to discover he had finally done the deed.

“I’m looking at him thinking, ‘This didn’t happen to me all day,’ ” Payne said. “Me and him squared away the deal. That’s so unfair. It’s so unreasonable.”

Payne also said he would definitely be adding some new ink to his body in honor of his child.

“I have a plan. I’ve never had a plan for a tattoo before. I’m gonna go on my chest next time,” he said, adding that the spot may be a bit painful. “I have to man up.”

But one physical change the new father wants to stay away from? A dad bod — although he admits he misses “everything” when he’s dieting.

Payne shared that he recently was doing a shirtless photo shoot and avoided junk food so that he could look his best. But all bets were off when the shoot wrapped.

“Afterwards I was like, In-N-Out Burger, straightaway. Boom,” he said. “I had two double-doubles, I had two of the fries, I had cheese fries, I had everything.”

When a host asked if Payne moved to Los Angeles just for the fast food chain, he joked, “Yeah, exactly. I left my wife and child at home and was straight to In-N-Out Burger.”

Cindy Ord

Payne also opened up about his first solo song, “Strip That Down,” which premieres on Friday.

The singer said he got a call while he was working out one day that Ed Sheeran was writing a song for him. He dashed off to the studio and within 30 minutes, the song was ready to go.

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“It’s difficult because for me, the song is … the verses lay out a couple of things and the chorus is more based on music,” he teased of the new single. “That’s all I’m allowed to say! There’s snipers looking at me right now. They’re ready to put me down!”

As for a full album, Payne has plenty of material. He revealed that he has about 30 songs he’s written, but he doesn’t have a plan for them just yet.

“People do strange things with albums these days. Well, not strange things – very creative things,” he said. “They like to drop them in the middle of the night and you wake up and are like, ‘Oh, here’s a new album.’ Like do a Lemonade – just do a Beyoncé!”