Lee Brice, wife Sara and their kids Trulee, 18 months, Ryker, 5, and Takoda, 10, posed for a sweet family shoot, sharing the photos exclusively with PEOPLE
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Credit: Erica Hirsch Photography

Don’t be surprised if Lee Brice‘s growing family gets even bigger!

In a recent chat with PEOPLE, the 39-year-old country megastar’s wife Sara revealed that while the couple feel complete with their sons Ryker Mobley, 5, and Takoda, 10, plus daughter Trulee Nanette, 18 months, they are leaving their brood’s future expansion in the hands of fate.

“For now, we feel settled and blessed with our three healthy, beautiful children,” says Sara, who wed the “Rumor” singer in spring 2013. “We’ve always left that part up to God, though, so you never know!”

Read on for the rest of PEOPLE’s Q&A with Sara about her kids’ relationship dynamic, interest in music and more — and to see more photos from their sweet family photo shoot, shared exclusively with PEOPLE.

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Lee Brice and family
| Credit: Erica Hirsch Photography

PEOPLE: What are the kids into these days?

Sara Brice: They are all so different. It’s so fun to raise the three of them. Takoda is into drawing, designing things and digging for things at our farm. Ryker — cars and trucks all day long. He literally lives, breathes, dreams and wakes to the thought of cars and trucks.

Trulee is just into everything and absolutely in love with her big brothers. She loves “Mommy time” when they’re at school but she glows when they get home. It’s pretty sweet.

PEOPLE: What’s the relationship like among Trulee and Ryker and Takoda?

Sara: Both the boys interact really gently with her and honestly, we’ve been so blessed they all get along extremely well. Ryker and Takoda are more competitive with each other, if anything, but both equally as precious with Tru.

Lee Brice’s children
| Credit: Erica Hirsch Photography

PEOPLE: Are any of the kids showing an interest in music? Trulee seems intrigued by the guitar!

Sara: All three are musical in different ways. They all love music, but as far as the boys taking an interest in learning a instrument just yet, they would rather throw a football or get in the pool with Daddy.

Takoda is a writer. He’s sensitive and romantic. He relates to music lyrically and loves ballads. He will sing Lee’s “I Don’t Dance” or “Power of a Woman” on repeat, and his all-time favorite is John Legend‘s “All of Me.”

Ryker is our social bug. He loves people and making friends. He loves groovy, upbeat power songs. He is definitely our most feisty. His all-time favorite is “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor. Ryker makes up little songs all the time but hasn’t slowed down long enough to take interest in how the music is made yet.

Trulee takes the most interest all the way around. From a week or two old, she has related to music. She’d sit on her daddy’s lap and try to strum her tiny fingers on that guitar forever, if she could. She sings constantly, and picks up on melodies quickly. It’s pretty heart-melting.

PEOPLE: What was your secret to keeping all three kids engaged and smiling during the shoot?

Sara: Our secret? Happy kids with full tummies and a great photographer.

Credit: Erica Hirsch Photography

PEOPLE: Any big differences in raising a daughter versus sons? Different parenting approach?

Sara: It’s definitely different having a little girl. Our parenting approach is the same, however, she is so different than our boys — more sensitive and dependent. She is definitely aware of where we are at all times. She likes to know someone familiar is with her. Our boys would walk right into their first day of pre-K and kiss me goodbye with a huge smile on their faces. So excited to get to go somewhere and play … super secure and not intimidated. She’s definitely not going to be that way. She likes familiar people and places.

She’s got a different type of cry, as well. Our boys, around this age, would cry with more of an attitude. It was like, “I’m going to show you that I don’t like what you told me that I cannot have” or whatever. Our little Tru has a much more emotional cry — very dramatic and sensitive. Very, “I’m hurt by what you’re not allowing me to have.” Our boys naturally gravitated toward Daddy’s tools, worms and gross “boy things.”

Trulee loves shoes. Loves being in the kitchen. Plays with all my pots and pans and spices and utensils …. my kitchen is her kitchen. She’s fascinated by watching me cook or put on my makeup. Even something like setting the table, I see her little wheels turning.

But there is a balance to her “girliness” too. Even at this young little age, she loves to spend a day with her dad and brothers at the farm. She is entirely enchanted by the three of them, so any place they are is pure joy to her.

Lee Brice and family
| Credit: Erica Hirsch Photography

PEOPLE: What was performing at Brett Young‘s wedding like?

Sara: Brett and Lee are like the same in person in certain ways. They both love large and loyally, so it was a huge honor for Lee to be asked by Brett and Taylor Mills to sing on one of the most special days of their lives. We adore and admire them both so deeply that it meant the world to us to get to be a part of their magical day.

It was also like a little mini vacation for us, so we enjoyed the Mommy and Daddy break. All around, it was a really fun experience.

Lee Brice’s newest single “Rumor” is available now.