Leah Remini talks about baby weight backlash

Calling her choice to conceive daughter Sofia Bella, 3-years-old next month, the "biggest life-altering decision" she’s ever made, actress Leah Remini reflected recently on the highs and lows of Hollywood, the cancellation of her hit television show The King of Queens and how having a baby really does change everything.

It just changes your whole life.  It just changes everything about you.  It changes the way you think about things, the person you thought you were.

Leah expressed disappointment and frustration with the way her 80-pound pregnancy weight gain was received by the public and the press, noting that "no one wanted to talk about how I actually did lose the weight, just that I got fat." The actress eventually shed the pounds with help from the ‘1st Personal Diet,’ which relies on the metabolic rate of blood in fashioning a weight loss regimen unique to each dieter. Regardless, Leah called the preoccupation with the post-baby bodies of celebrities "silly."

When you have a baby and you are not blessed with a metabolism [such] that you can get back into your jeans the very next day, it becomes something to focus on.  I don’t even blame the papers.  They are making money from it.  But the people who are buying it? … I just went on [the] Tyra [Banks Show].  She has a great campaign called ‘So What?’  I think its fabulous.  It’s about sending that message — yeah, I’m fat, or yeah, I’m chubby, or yeah, I have stretch marks:  So what!  I love that message.

A devoted Scientologist and personal friend of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Leah was equally discouraged by speculation that Suri Cruise, 1, did not exist.

I think people are just sick.  They had nothing better to do.  That really baffled me.  That was the weirdest thing.  The press seemed so nuts.

Leah, 37, is married to Angelo Pagan. The final episode of King of Queens will air May 14.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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