Leah Remini has met Suri Cruise

UPDATE: PEOPLE added an article on their site a few hours ago, which adds a little more information to what we already posted. Leah, apparently met her at their LA home recently and says that "she’s a beaming baby…she looks like Tom and Katie…she’s just beautiful."

Leah also commented on Tom and Katie, saying that Cruise is "one of those doting dads" and that Holmes looks "beautiful – I’m jealous of her. She just bounced right back."

So why won’t they show Suri off to the public? Their rep has said that they are in no rush and that "Suri’s in great shape. Everything’s fine."

Originally posted – July 19th:US Weekly has reported that Leah Remini has met Suri Cruise. Suri, the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, is yet to be seen by the public. The issue, on stands this Friday, says that Scientology friend, Leah, met Suri several weeks ago. Leah, said about Suri, that "she is a newborn and normal size." An unknown friend, also added that Suri is "a cross between the two – dark, straight hair and dark eyes."

Source: US Weekly via Teddy and Moo’s and PEOPLE

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