There's one thing Devon Still might need to work on: his Barbie voice
Credit: Gillian Laub

There’s one thing Devon Still might need to work on: his Barbie voice.

On Saturday, the Houston Texans defensive end and his daughter Leah attended the first-ever NFL Women’s Summit in San Francisco on Saturday.

“Had a lot of fun at the #nflwomenssummit even with Leah putting me on blast,” Still, 27, captioned an Instagram video from a talk he and his daughter had at the event.

During the interview, 7-year-old Leah was asked if her NFL dad was good at playing Barbies.

“Yeah, one time we were playing Barbies,” she started, but was interrupted by her dad jokingly telling her to stop.

But she continued, “One time we were playing Barbies and my dad had, like, a crazy voice. I just started laughing. It was so crazy that one time.”

The interviewer asked what kind of voice her dad made.

“It was kind of like a girl’s voice but it was … not good,” she said, laughing.

Their fun father-daughter moments come after a difficult two years. Leah was discharged from the hospital for the final time in January 2016 after beating the Stage-4 neuroblastoma she was first diagnosed with in June 2014.

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In February 2016, Leah helped her dad present the NFL Comeback award and they both looked back on their journey.

“Throughout Leah’s 20-month battle with cancer, we endured so many ups and downs,” Devon said. “Together we learned a lot about what it takes to comeback.”

“Sometimes it takes all your hair,” Leah said.

“If you can kick cancer,” Devon, 26, continued, “you can do anything – ain’t that right, [Leah]?”

She answered with a smile, “Yes daddy.”