Leah Remini would like to play godparent to J. Lo's baby

Actress Leah Remini, 37, and her husband, Angelo Pagan, joked around with People at the premiere after-party for Eva Longoria’s new comedy Over Her Dead Body Tuesday night. When asked about their friends Jennifer Lopez, 38, and Marc Anthony, 39, Leah announced:

We’re asking for an audition for godparent roles. Um … so, we’re waiting to hear back.

Leah says she and her husband:

…need like a day -– because we’re not good at cold-reading –- so that we can just prepare.

Angelo then chimed in explaining:

Not sure whether it entails that we have to sing, dance, recite a monologue, but we’re ready!

When Leah was asked about how Jennifer was feeling, Leah responded:

Great! She’s great! I mean, look, she was on tour. She’s a strong girl.

Leah and Angelo are parents to daughter Sofia Bella, 3½. Jennifer and Marc’s baby (or twins as it is rumored) are due any day now. Although some sources say Jennifer has checked into a hospital, no formal announcement has been made.

Source: People

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