Layla Kayleigh's Blog: Melody's First White Winter

In her latest blog, Layla fills us in on the Covino family holidays, asks for tips on making traveling less stressful and shares pictures of Melody's first snow!

America’s Best Dance Crew co-host Layla Kayleigh is letting readers follow along as she tackles motherhood — daughter Melody Rain is now 14 months old! In her latest blog, Layla fills us in on the Covino family holidays, asks for tips on making traveling less stressful and shares pictures of Melody’s first snow!

I was really looking forward to the holidays this year, because even though it wasn’t Melody’s first Christmas, it was the first Christmas Melody got to be with her grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and our close friends.

Last year she was only a month old and it was such a bad flu season with swine flu that our pediatrician advised against traveling so far for the holidays — we would have been going from Los Angeles to New Jersey — due to her being so young.

Speaking of traveling, I really have to take my hat off to the parents that travel with more than one child! It’s challenging enough to travel with one toddler, even more so when they start walking and discovering a glimpse into their independence.

When I see parents with two, three and sometimes four children at the airport — and how easy they make it look — I say to myself, “I wish I could be half as poised as they are!” I guess it’s not their first time at the rodeo like me … hopefully I will get better with time, and won’t be such a frazzled mess.

It’s not Melody that makes me feel like a hot mess though. It’s more about the looks and glares that I get if we’re not moving fast enough in the security line. Or when Melody starts crying on the plane because she’s tired and her ears hurt, and the guy next to me rolls his eyes and huffs and puffs in disappointment. Or when the entire row can smell her dirty diaper and I can’t move to change her because the seatbelt sign is still on! It’s really the pressure I feel from others that makes me all flustered…

I guess I’m curious as to how other parents handle others not understanding that we cannot control these things, and that we are doing the best that we can. Would love to hear your thoughts!

Other than the stress I felt from traveling this time around, we had an awesome Christmas and New Years! Melody took her first steps on Christmas Eve and was walking by Christmas day. I couldn’t help but shed a tear, my baby girl is getting so big!

Steven and I decided to stay in with Melody on New Years Eve — she stayed up with us and watched Dick Clark’s countdown and danced to all the performances. It may sound boring to some, but it was honestly one of the best New Years Eve’s Steven and I have had, just being with Melody and laughing and playing with her! We had our own mini dance party in the living room.

Besides Melody’s first steps, this was also her first white winter. She’d never seen snow before and she was mesmerized by it! As the snow came down she sat by the window, not making a sound and just staring at it. We decided to take her out to play in the snow for a bit, to see if she’d like it. She loved it so much she did not want to come inside!

Here are some pictures of her having the time of her (1-year-old) life. ?

Much love,

— Layla Kayleigh

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