Lauren Scruggs Talks IVF Process and Why She's 'Embracing It Fully': 'It's a Beautiful Thing'

Lauren Scruggs tells PEOPLE about her journey to expand her family with husband Jason Kennedy and the importance of healthy eating while doing IVF

Photo: Tejari

Lauren Scruggs is opening up about her journey with in vitro fertilization and reminding others that there's "no shame" in the process.

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, the lifestyle blogger, 32, discusses her experience with IVF, calling it a "blessing" that she has the opportunity to pursue this path as a way to expand her family with husband Jason Kennedy.

"I'm committed to this journey, and it's a blessing, no matter what, because this could result in something so incredible," says Scruggs, who adds that she and Kennedy, 39, will "[transfer] sometime soon."

"It's such an amazing method of enhancing your fertility and having a sweet baby come into the world ... [I'm] really just trying to make the best of it by being grateful and flipping the script and just embracing it fully," she says.

The author also notes that she's an IVF twin herself, which makes the process a "cool full-circle moment."

"My parents did it years ago. [They've] always been super open about it, so I feel like they've taught me with that as well," she shares.

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Despite hitting a roadblock in March when she was taken to the emergency room for "severe pain" after undergoing the egg retrieval procedure, Scruggs says she's been feeling "really amazing" lately.

"That was a one-off situation where I had to go [to the ER], but it was a short experience and I got it taken care of, so it was perfect," she says.

The blogger has been maintaining a healthy lifestyle in order to better her chances of becoming pregnant and recently collaborated with Tejari, a collection of plant-based superfood protein blends, to help keep her on track.

"I'm huge just about using food as medicine and also fully prepping your body for pregnancy," she says. "[It's important] to have your body in the ultimate state of receiving a baby or just working as it should in the reproductive sense."

"It just makes you feel energized and nourished ... it's great," Scruggs adds of the "Beets + Carrots" blend, which she worked on with the brand.

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Scruggs and Kennedy, who wed in December 2014, have continued to speak candidly about the IVF process on social media, which the author said has helped her realize how many others have gone down the same path.

"I've realized, actually after being open about IVF specifically, how many people have done it, even secretly or privately because they're embarrassed to share about it. And to me, it's just the most beautiful opportunity we have to do IVF," she says.

As she continues the IVF journey, Scruggs says she's found the importance in taking things "one day at a time" and finding "joy in every part of the process."

"I love holistic living and this is not that," she says. Instead of dwelling on what's going into her body, the author says she "changes the perspective" and tells herself, "I'm so grateful. Thank you for what this is doing to my body to help me potentially have a baby."

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