Pregnant Lauren Conrad on Designing Maternity Line for Kohl's: 'It Wasn't as Challenging as I Expected It to Be'

"It was really nice to go into this while I was trying to figure out my own maternity style," Lauren Conrad, who's expecting a baby boy, tells PEOPLE

Photo: Elizabeth Messina

Lauren Conrad has taken the dive into pregnancy fashion design!

The reality television alum and lifestyle guru’s newest style endeavor with Kohl’s is called, fittingly, LC Lauren Conrad Maternity.

Featuring everything from dresses to jeggings, the brand new line debuts Wednesday, June 7, online and in Kohl’s stores, joining her recently dropped LC Lauren Conrad Beach Collection.

Conrad, 31 — who’s expecting a baby boy with husband William Tell — spoke to PEOPLE about her new collection, sharing an exclusive photo in which she’s modeling one of its staple pieces.

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PEOPLE: Can you tell us a bit about what we can expect from your maternity line?

Lauren Conrad: Of course. I was so excited to do this category, but again, I wanted to wait until I felt confident designing, like I had experienced maternity as a category myself. It was really nice to go in to this while I was trying to figure out my own maternity style, so I really wanted to make sure that the aesthetic of this line was very cohesive with the existing LC Lauren Conrad collection.

One of the things I really struggled with when I was shopping was that I wanted to maintain my everyday style, but I had trouble finding the types of pieces available in maternity collections. So I wanted to cater towards our existing customer who just happens to have a new shape, but still wants to dress in line with her style that she has had for years.

PEOPLE: Using what you learned throughout your own pregnancy, what did you figure out you wanted to include and didn’t want to include?

Lauren: By the time it came down to it and we were putting it together and merchandising it all, I had some pretty strong opinions about silhouettes. We definitely wanted to include a lot of dresses, mostly because at the time this was coming out, I basically lived in dresses – they were the most comfortable for me and were the easiest fit-wise.

We did do two pairs of colored jeggings, which are kind of fun to pair with some off-the-shoulder flirty tops we did. I definitely wanted things that were cinched or more body-con because I found that I felt best in pieces that gave me a shape as opposed to more tent-like pieces.

PEOPLE: How hands on were you in the process, and how long did it take? I know you had a hand in selecting the pieces.

Lauren: We started right after I announced, so the beginning of this year, and then we spent the following several months developing the line. It was actually a pretty short timeline for us because we had to do everything from inspiration and vibes to developing it.

Fortunately, because of our approach keeping it in line with the existing collection, we were able to work off the trends we’re going after in that line, so that helped us out a lot. It’s been a process. I’m really impressed with my team, especially on the production side, for being able to pull it off on such a short timeline.

PEOPLE: Is there anything new you learned from creating this maternity line that you hadn’t in previous collections?

Lauren: I think maternity was pretty seamless. It really was just about tweaking the fit. There’s a little bit you want to consider when it comes to fabrication, but personally, I just wanted to shop like I’ve always shopped and have things fit me.

It really was just focusing on that fit. Kohl’s has a lot of experience in maternity, so they were so helpful there. It really wasn’t as challenging as I expected it to be. It was pretty simple.

PEOPLE: What have been some of your maternity must-haves?

Lauren: I think for me, it’s dresses and flowy tops. Those are my go-tos. I personally like softer, stretchier fabrics for every day, and some kind of sweeter sundresses. With the dresses, we did two of them — one of them is off the shoulder and a jersey-type dress, which I really like.

Then we did a couple that were sweeter and they did that cold shoulder because I felt like you still want to dress sweetly and show off a little bit. Shoulders are a pretty easy part of your body to show off when you’re trying to dress around some other things, so I felt like that was a relevant trend, and it was a good one to go after in this line. It was one that I was looking to wear.

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PEOPLE: Is there anything you’re looking forward to wearing post-pregnancy?

Lauren: I guess I miss my waist. That’s the only thing. I’m fine with everything else. I’m excited to wear high-waisted shorts and jeans again and more separates. I’ve been living in dresses. I’ve already started doing a little bit of shopping for my post-dressing. But then I also didn’t even consider, which was so silly, but the wardrobe when you’re nursing is a little different too so it’s just an excuse really to shop just for button-downs and V-necks.

PEOPLE: What did you hope to achieve with the line?

Lauren: To fill a void, really. I feel like in the past, the most organic collections that I released are ones that I felt like I needed. Like if I was shopping and couldn’t find this, I have a feeling other people are having that same issue. So I just wanted to create a really beautiful line that pregnant women could feel really confident in and feel really good about themselves.

PEOPLE: Would you ever consider designing baby clothes next?

Lauren: I would! We haven’t really talked about it yet but yeah, everything is cuter tiny, so I think that I’ve done my fair share of shopping for baby clothes, which has been really fun. So I think that would be a really exciting category to get into.

Lauren Conrad/Instagram

PEOPLE: Your baby shower looked beautiful. How did everything go?

Lauren: Oh, it was great. It was so nice of them. [My] friends and my mom and mother-in-law got together. It was very sweet of them, and it was a beautiful day.

PEOPLE: How are you getting ready for the baby? Shopping, setting up the nursery?

Lauren: I’m just about there. I think we’re ready, but I feel pretty good about where we’re at.

PEOPLE: What are you most excited about for the baby to be here?

Lauren: I think the most exciting thing is just to meet your tiny person that you’ve been growing for so long. Up until now, they’re kind of a mystery to you, so I think we’re just really excited to meet our new family member.

LC Lauren Conrad Maternity debuts Wednesday, June 7, online and in Kohl’s stores nationwide.

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