Why Laura Prepon Is Open About Motherhood but Mum on New Son's Name: 'We're Very Protective'

Their family is where Laura Prepon and Ben Foster "do remain extra private" about the details they share with the world, she tells PEOPLE

Laura Prepon and Baby
Laura Prepon and son.

Laura Prepon may share her son's name with the world eventually, but it won't be today.

In a new interview with PEOPLE, the Orange Is the New Black actress discusses why she and husband Ben Foster haven't yet gone public with the moniker they gave their baby boy, whom they welcomed in late February.

"We make all those decisions as a family," says Prepon, 40. "So at a certain point ... we'll say it, but ... being that we're in the public eye, we always have conversations around anything, especially that has to do with our kids. We're very protective of that."

Prepon adds that she and fellow actor Foster, 39, strive to "respect" the fact that their newborn son and daughter Ella, 2½, "aren't old enough to choose for themselves yet" whether they want to be shown on social media — but it doesn't mean the star thinks her family's way is the only way.

"Everyone is different with [posting] pictures of their kids — no judgment, do your thing. It's a personal thing," she tells PEOPLE. "But for my husband and I, that's where we do remain extra private, is when it comes to our kids."

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Laura Prepon/Instagram
Laura Prepon and son. Laura Prepon/Instagram

Prepon says she has gotten "amazing" feedback from fellow parents about her new guide for moms, You & I, as Mothers, which she released on April 7.

"The response has really been so great, and it's been helping a lot of people, which is why I did this in the first place — to make us feel less alone," the That '70s Show alum tells PEOPLE. "My husband and I have had the good fortune to do what we love for over 20 years. But we're also very, very private — I am notoriously like, 'Well, our personal lives are private.' "

"So the fact that I share these stories about myself and my family in terms of the loss of pregnancy, etc. ... I think it came as like, 'Wow,' the fact that I opened up so much in regards to this book," she adds. "The response has been amazing and very supportive. And I can't tell you how many people have reached out about it."

Prepon says that even those who are not moms have told her they're "getting so much out of" the book right now, "because a lot of the stuff that mothers deal with in terms of the isolation and anxiety and lack of community ... are what people are dealing with now in quarantine. So it's interesting because people reach out to me all the time saying, 'I'm not a mom, but I'm getting so much out of your book because I'm going through these similar feelings, just self-isolating.' So that's been very surreal as well."

you and I mothers
Laura Prepon’s You & I, as Mothers.

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As for Prepon and Foster, the couple have been social distancing with their two kids amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) global health crisis — but that isolation and spending time "bonding as a family" is something they "had already planned" anyway, given the new arrival.

"The transition wasn't as startling for us because we had already planned on having that early time with our kids and bonding and that wonderful time right after the baby comes — that special time of just being in this little time capsule," says Prepon of the "surreal" situation. "We really try to balance being informed, which is very stressful because you go to the news and it's scary."

"So we're really just trying to balance that with levity where we can and trying to laugh where we can and make sure our kids don't feel that stress from us as we try to stay informed," she explains.

Prepon feels "happy and blessed to have [her] two healthy children, especially given what we went through with the second pregnancy that we lost," she tells PEOPLE — and for Mother's Day this upcoming Sunday, she's hoping they "can just be a family with no devices ... I want to be device free and just with our kids and that's it."

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