Laura Leighton: Daughters Find Her Melrose Place Role 'Awkward'

Much has changed for Melrose Place star Laura Leighton between the show’s original run and its latest incarnation.

First and foremost? The four children she shares with Desperate Housewives’ (and Melrose alum) Doug SavantArianna, 17, Madeleine, 16, Jack, turning 9 this week and Lucy, 4. That the couple’s two eldest daughters are teenagers has introduced a certain “weirdness” at home, Laura recently revealed on The Bonnie Hunt Show.

“In my twenties, I didn’t have any kids and didn’t have any reason to think about it but now…they’re sort of the right age to be interested in watching the show,” Laura explains. “It’s like, ‘Oh God, my mom’s on this show.'” As for their reaction? Laura jokes,

“Their phrase — to quote them — is ‘Ah…ew…awkward.”

Laura, 41, had to endure an equally awkward moment recently with Jack, when he read a Melrose Place billboard with the slogan “Tuesday’s are a b-tch.” Conceding that “it was a hard one to explain,” Laura says she had “not ever thought about it” before.

“I told him that it used to be that on Mondays, at the start of a week sometimes people have a hard time going back to work. I skipped the double entendre. He said, ‘Oh I get it, it means it’s a hard time.’ I said, ‘Yeah!'”

Although the couple — married since 1998 — have made a solid living as actors Laura hopes her own children pursue a different career. “I would be completely horrified,” she adds.

“I think about it all the time, and we have done nothing but discourage our children from the very beginning. [We tell them] you will not go into this business! And so far they’re not interested (knocks on wood) so we are hoping that remains the case.”

Arianna and Madeleine are Doug’s daughters with ex-wife Dawn Savant.

Source: The Bonnie Hunt Show

— Missy

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