Lascal M1 Carrier: Give me a hand (well, two)

Recently, I got a chance to test out Lascal’s M1 Carrier ($129.99), imported by Regal+Lager. Normally, I am not a structured carrier person, but this carrier converted me. I usually use pouches, wraps and ring slings because they are just so comfortable. I found that the M1 Carrier had some wonderful features — like giving me the use of both my arms, it didn’t hurt or strain my back and I also was able to nurse pretty easily in it. I also found out, during a recent trip to the local baby store, that I could nurse in public while my baby was in the M1 Carrier — I just threw my Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover on for some privacy; She got to eat, I got to pick up supplies!

I intended to have my husband test out the M1 Carrier — he finally wanted to try one. But the baby wouldn’t cooperate and cried the whole time he wore her in it. When I put the M1 Carrier on, and popped 8 week old Allegra in, facing me, she calmed down instantly and LOVED it. As I type this, she’s in the M1 Carrier, sleeping — seems to be her seal of approval.

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The M1 Carrier uses soft and naturally anti-bacterial Bamboo fabric for the removable top cover and for the leg and arm openings. I found it was perfect for my 8 lb little gal (which is the recommended starting weight) and will work for babies up to 30 lbs. I was happy that my back did not hurt, thanks to the lumbar support. I was also happy that it was easy to spot clean — Allegra threw up on me when I was wearing it (I guess another seal of approval) and I cleaned it up easily!


  • Adjustable width that will work with a newborn baby as well as for the bigger baby
  • Adjustable seat height allows the carrier to gradually grow with the baby
  • For use with babies weighing 8–30 lbs
  • Adjustable head support cradles the newborn’s head and later folds down when baby is ready to face forward
  • Bamboo fabric top cover removes for easy cleaning and also functions as a canopy against sun and wind
  • Ventilated lumbar support
  • Built-in back support in the front piece keeps baby’s developing spine straight at all times
  • Wide padded harness straps and a lumbar support
  • Ergonomically designed buckles

Like other carriers, you have to make sure you fasten the buckles correctly. The M1‘s buckles were very easy to configure. The front connector (on the bottom) has a really cool feature, there’s a back-up safety catch that will only release when tilting the front connector clips down (as they are being removed). The middle connector clips snapped in easily and securely. But I found that I had to be a little more careful connecting the top buttons. When affixing the top connector buttons, make SURE the top two round connector buttons are securely fastened (even though its not as easy when you are trying to put a squirming child in, use two hands for connecting each button until you hear it snap in). Releasing the top buttons is simple, just push each button to release.

Verdict: I found that this carrier was very comfortable for me and the baby. It was easy to get my baby in and out quickly and I really liked that it was truly a hands-free carrier.

Melissa Joan Hart, who is expecting her second child any day now, was recently sent this carrier by Regal+Lager.

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