By peoplestaff225
September 11, 2008 06:00 AM

Lascal’s Buggy Board Maxi

If you are looking for a ride-on stroller board for your child, check out the Lascal Buggy Board Maxi ($89.99). My son likes to walk a lot, so this way he can use the ride on board when he gets tired. The waffled, anti-slip surface supports my child as he rides with us. Since he was right between the stroller and I, and the Buggy Board Maxi was securely attached, I felt confident with him using it. He also thought it was fun to ride on the board.

The recommended ages for the Buggy Board Maxi is 2-5 years, with a maximum weight of 44 lbs, but I would wait until your child is at least 2 ½ or even 3. My son, who will be three in a month, is just able to handle it now.

No tools are needed for installation, but I found attaching the straps onto the stroller was tough and took me a little while. After that was done, hitching the unit to the straps was much easier: It uses a peg system. Unhitching the board from the straps took about a second, just cock back the lever and the pegs will quickly come out. 

Lascal suggests you remove the Buggy Board to fold your stroller, but I was able to do it if I was very  careful and did it slowly. Having the board attached made it harder to fit it into my trunk though. The quick removal is great; this way, if your older child is not with you, you can easily remove it or use the detachable strap to flip up the board and tie it out of the way. It works with many strollers — check their site to confirm it will work with yours.

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