Lance Bass Talks Surrogacy Process and Wanting Both a 'Boy and a Girl': 'I'll Take Triplets'

Lance Bass tells PEOPLE where he and husband Michael Turchin are in the surrogacy process and that their main priority is a healthy surrogate

Lance Bass isn’t picky when it comes to the number of children he’ll have at one time — in fact, the more the merrier.

“We want them all!” the former ‘NSYNC member joked to PEOPLE Tuesday at the EMA Awards and Honors Benefit in Beverly Hills, California, when asked whether he wants a son or daughter for his first child with husband Michael Turchin.

“I would love a boy and a girl!” clarifies Bass, 39. “So we will see. We will try for something. Twins work. I’ll take triplets.”

The singer and television personality also describes where he and Turchin currently are in the surrogacy process: They’ve found their doctor/embryologist, and are now looking ahead to find the perfect surrogate.

“We find our surrogate and then we find the donor. Once we find the donor and the surrogate, we make our babies and then we [implant] the healthiest embryos that we can make. Nine months later, we have a baby!” Bass explains.

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Turchin, 31, tells PEOPLE that when searching for the couple’s gestational carrier and egg donor, good health tops their list.

“There are physical characteristics, and if you want that it is helpful if you can choose, but health is the most important,” he says.

“It’s helpful if you can see that, ‘Well, both sides of the grandparents are very healthy, and they have no cancer in the family and they’re 6 feet tall, that is nice,’ ” Bass adds with a laugh.

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Bass tells PEOPLE the couple “hope to be pregnant this year at some point” — and while he wouldn’t stand in the way if his future children wanted to pursue music, it wouldn’t be his first choice for their career paths.

“I would let them do whatever they want, but I would try to encourage something other than music,” he admits, laughing. “It’s just a hard business, and [in] this business you get told ‘No’ 99 percent of the time, and I don’t want my kid to go through that. It takes a very strong will to stay in this business. I’d rather them play baseball.”

But the singer is determined to continue to help make the world a better place for the sake of his children, and have them do the same.

As he explains of the current political climate, “Having kids of our own, we get to combat a lot of ignorance, because I know that we will raise very smart and well-aware children. I think that the more kids that we have will fight that ignorance out there.”

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