Could Lance Bass and Michael Turchin's Babies Be Any Cuter? Their Sweetest Photos So Far

The proud dads welcomed their little ones by surrogate on Oct. 13

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In an Oct. 17 Instagram post, proud papa Lance Bass introduced his twins with husband Michael Turchin: Violet Betty and Alexander James.

"Haven't slept much in 5 days and I'm covered in ick but I've never been so happy!" the 'NSYNC singer wrote.

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In his own Oct. 17 intro, Turchin joked, "New babies, who dis?"

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At 4 days old, Violet slumbered soundly next to her new "favorite" doll from pal Lexi Kaufman. (Notice the "Heaven" geotag — so sweet!)

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Turchin and his "dude" Alexander got snuggly on day five.

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And he also caught some shut-eye with his "sleeping beauty."

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"Fashions," Bass captioned a shot of Violet.

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A cozy Alexander wished everyone a good morning nine days after his arrival.

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Look at that smile on Alexander!

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"Smooches," Turchin captioned a silly selfie.

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Wrapping up Violet "makes me want a burrito, realllll bad," Turchin joked.

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"Breaking them in to Halloween gently," Bass joked of the foursome's fierce Oct. 31 shot.

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A pensive pic of a plaid-clad Bass was the perfect excuse for a Reba reference in the caption.

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In his best caption yet, Bass said the twins were "tearin' up my heart."

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In his ear-topped hoodie, Bass was a total "poppa bear."

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In a Nov. 16 shot, Alexander served up some "Golden Girl realness," Bass joked.

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"Who wore it best??" Bass asked. "Violet or Popeye?"

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Aww! "Two of the best dads I know," Bass wrote of 'NSYNC pals Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick coming over to meet the babies.

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That face! "I meeeeeeeeeeaan!" Dad wrote.

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Best feeling ever! Turchin kicked back on the couch, with a "baby on board," he wrote.

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Another cute couch pic earned a "Boop" caption.

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"When that milk hits you justttt right," Turchin wrote of Violet's Nov. 19 pic.

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The new dads had "so much to be thankful for" on Thanksgiving 2021 — including "full diapers," Bass joked.

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Turchin's latest selfie with Alexander was cuteness overload.

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Turchin also shared a message of gratitude on Thanksgiving, with pics of his newborns and a young Bass.

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Baby's first robe! Turchin joked that Violet demanded a spa day — and her dads happily obliged.

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A snoozy Alexander sent a "Happy Tuesday" message via dad.

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It's all smiles from these two "nuggets," as Turchin called them.

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Can you EVEN? The latest family selfie from Bass was the best so far.

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When the twins hit the "giggling phase" in December, Dad Lance called it "heaven."

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The twins were ready to party on New Year's Eve.

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Pal Shannon Elizabeth gifted the kiddos with stuffed animals meant to promote education around conservation.

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These L.A. babies are ... Green Bay Packers fans?!

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Happy Sunday from this smiley pair!

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Talk about a cool first Easter: the twins and their dads spent the day at Lisa Vanderpump's property.

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And posed for their first photo as the cast of "Vanderpump Drools," Bass joked.

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These two will never be without a plush pal.

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