Lance Bass' Baby Son Alexander Sports Adorable 'It's Gonna Be May' *NSYNC Onesie

Little Alexander supported his dad's former boy band and hilariously welcomed the upcoming month lancebass's profile picture lancebass Verified Guess what??!! #ItsGonnaBeMay
Photo: lance bass/Instagram

Let the *NSYNC "it's gonna be May" jokes begin –– again.

With just days to go until May 1, Lance Bass joined in on the wordplay fun with his 6-month-old son on Friday.

"Guess what??!! #ItsGonnaBeMay," the former *NSYNC band member, 42, wrote next to a photo of his son Alexander James wearing a white onesie with the silhouettes of his dad and his bandmates as well as the phrase "It's going to be May" on it.

"It's going to be May" has become a popular joke and meme to mark the start of May and is a play on the lyrics and the distinct way Justin Timberlake sang them in the 2005 hit "It's Gonna Be Me."

Timberlake singer explained why he sang the titular line with a distinctive twang in 2016, telling UK radio station CapitalFM that he was instructed to do so by the song's co-writer Max Martin.

"In my defense, Max Martin made me sing 'me' that way," he said. "I think he just wanted me to sound like I was from Tennessee."

Bass backed up the origin story in an interview with The Cheat Sheet, saying Timberlake was told by Martin to make it "sound more like it's gonna be May" and the suggestion "kinda just stuck."

Bass also has a daughter, Violet Betty, Alexander's twin. He parents the twins alongside his husband, Michael Turchin, whom he wed in 2014.

Bass also showed off the babies over the Easter holiday, sharing with his nearly 800k followers that he opted for a slightly bigger gift than the traditional Easter basket, going for two "Easter trees" for the twin babies. "Why yes we had Easter trees. Thanks for asking! 🐣🎄," he captioned the post.

The Insatiable star gushed about his fatherhood experience with PEOPLE (the TV Show!) last month, saying that the development changed his outlook on life now that he's "obsessed" with his new children.

"Every friend's like, 'Look, enjoy every second because it'll fly by like no other and you'll miss this stage.' I'm already getting teary-eyed because they're already 5 months and I can see that it's just flying by right now," he said on the episode.

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"Those first few months have just been so special. I haven't had to worry about other outside things really kind of interrupting my time with them," Bass continued.

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"But now that Dad's back working, I try to spend as much time as possible home. I'm so lucky, I'm able to work out of my home so I get to spend so much time with them. But, when you're doing shoots like this. It sucks to be away from them. I miss them."

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