Lance Armstrong Racing Against Time

As he prepares for the upcoming Giro d’Italia in May, Lance Armstrong knows that his efforts could all be in vain. With girlfriend Anna Hansen expecting the couple’s first child together — Lance’s fourth child overall — in early June, the 37-year-old cyclist hints that he’ll abandon the race if it appears that baby-on-the-way is even speedier than he is. “I need to start thinking about that,” he admits to

“I guess a lot depends on how the race is shaping up. Anna and I need to have that discussion. Ahh… it is frustrating even to think about it. Neither scenario is a good scenario. I have my fingers crossed that it comes on time.”

The issue might be mooted now that Lance has broken his collarbone while training in Spain; In any event, he says he’ll spend some time at home in the United States before returning to Europe later this summer for the Tour de France. “It is always hard to leave any of your kids,” Lance admits. “I have three bigger kids now, and that is not easy…For them the problem is eliminated a little bit because you can iChat and other things that give you that personal contact.” Bonding with baby-on-the-way, a delivery surprise, via the Internet isn’t feasible, however; That’s why Lance intends to have his entire brood on hand in July.

” The three weeks [of the Tour de France] will go by quick and all the family will be over here at the end. All of them, all four of them.”

Lance is already dad to Luke, 9, and 7-year-old twins Isabelle and Grace with ex-wife Kristin Richards.


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