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Updated May 20, 2009 04:00 PM
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Soon-to-be big sister Brionne is quickly learning the meaning of long distance phone calls! With her mom LaKisha Jones — who is due in August with her second child — off promoting her new album So Glad I’m Me, the 6-year-old is not only missing her mama, but her unborn baby sister as well. Revealing to PopEater that baby-on-the-way is a girl, LaKisha says her daughter is simply thrilled with the news — so much so, that when it comes to their frequent phone calls, Brionne’s vote is to talk to baby!

Despite her rise to stardom after placing fourth on the hit show American Idol, the 29-year-old says she is no celebrity! “I’m just LaKisha, the young lady who had a dream of singing and who was presented the opportunity [to do so],” she says. That said, LaKisha admits the balancing act of raising her family, while maintaining her career is “definitely a juggle.” Her advice to fellow mamas? Take it slow!

Source: PopEater

— Anya