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Updated October 01, 2008 01:00 PM

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"You can plan all you want, but things happen." That’s Laila Ali‘s new outlook after the planned homebirth of her son, 5-week-old Curtis Muhammad took an unexpected turn in her 39th week of pregnancy. "The doctor thought that the baby might have a growth restriction," Laila explains. "Sometimes, when the baby is not getting enough nutrients, the abdomen will be smaller because the organs aren’t really needed yet, but the head and legs will keep growing. When I got to 39 weeks, they [wanted him out] because he wasn’t getting 100 percent of his nutrients."

For Laila, who wanted a natural birth, the change in plans was difficult to wrap her mind around. After the complication ended in a hospital admittance for a scheduled induction — "That was hard too, because I didn’t want to be induced" — Curtis Jr. entered the world on August 26th, after a 15-hour labor. "Curtis [Conway] caught him," Laila notes. "He was able to pull the baby out. He cut the umbilical cord."

Curtis Jr. "seems a little feisty," Laila, 30, reveals. "He looks like a mix between his father and I. I wanted him to look like his dad!" The former boxer has quickly adjusted to motherhood, even giving Curtis — already father to three children from a previous marriage — diaper-changing lessons. When it’s mentioned that her husband is most likely quite comfortable with diapers already, Laila cracks, "Just because you’ve done it before doesn’t mean you’re doing it the way I want you to do it!"

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Source: OK! Weekly, October 13th issue