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Updated June 10, 2008 01:00 PM

Champion boxer Laila Ali, 30, has had a non-eventful pregnancy so far and has started making plans for the delivery of her baby boy — who will be named Curtis Muhammad — in three months. Choosing a road less taken by celebrities these days, Laila is anticipating a "natural homebirth with no medication" and has scheduled a midwife to be by her side.

As for the American Gladiator co-host, these last few months of relaxing have not been easy for her! Laila — who says she "feels great" — has had to make an effort to slow down her workouts and not over-exert herself, all under the watchful eye of her husband, Curtis Conway. Said Laila,

Laila admitted that she hasn’t totally given up working out and still does "an hour of cardio on the elliptical or spinning, but not such high impact." Making sure she sticks to pregnancy-friendly exercises and "nothing very strenuous," she also adds in "some Pilates and light weight training."

As for the proud grandpa-to-be, boxer Muhammed Ali, Laila says he "of course" can’t wait to welcome his first grandchild. However, the reality will probably kick in once baby Curtis has made his appearance.

Source: Us Magazine; Photo by Apega/

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