Lacey Chabert 'Felt Like a Beached Whale in Distress' Near the End of Her Pregnancy: 'It's All Worth It'

"I fear for her heart to be broken, but I know that that's part of life," Lacey Chabert tells PEOPLE of daughter Julia, 7 months

Television and movies may make pregnancy seem like a walk in the park, but not even actors are immune from the uncomfortable realities — just ask Lacey Chabert.

“There comes a point in pregnancy where you just can’t,” the Moonlight in Vermont star, 34, says in a segment for PEOPLE’s Celeb Moms Get Real. “I literally felt just so uncomfortable — you just feel huge, and I had a rib that was out of place for a few months.”

Continues the mom of daughter Julia Mimi Bella, 7 months, with a laugh, “And I just felt like ‘a beached what in distress,’ is what my friends and I kept saying.”

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“But it’s all worth it when you see that beautiful baby,” says the Mean Girls alum. “It’s true, what people say, that you watch them grow up and you really imagine yourself doing it all over again.”

“Not for a while,” she clarifies, “but she’s brought us so much joy that I am so thankful for every day.”

Something else Chabert won’t have to worry about for a while but is still on her mind as a new mom? Protecting her little girl from the perils of love.

“I fear for her heart to be broken, but I know that that’s part of life,” the actress admits. “And I think, as a parent, that’s gonna be the hardest thing for me, is just to let go.”

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The former Party of Five star recalls a moment when a fellow mom lent a helping hand — something that brought her a bit of embarrassment, but a heap of gratitude.

“The first time I took the baby to the doctor, I had never taken the stroller out of the car or the car seat out,” she explains. “There were three adults [there], holding this little tiny newborn baby, and not one of us knew how to open the stroller.”

“Another new mother was there who had some stroller experience — I mean, believe it or not, they’re complicated to open, so you learn how to do it,” Chabert continues. “And she came over, she saw the look on our [faces] and was like, ‘Okay, I’m gonna help you.’ It’s not a big deal now.”

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