Lacey Chabert Says Returning to Set with Daughter Julia Was 'Wonderful': 'It Was Nice to Have That Part of Myself Back'

Lacey Chabert sat down with PEOPLE Now to discuss getting back to work on a new Hallmark Channel original movie after welcoming a daughter

Bringing your daughter to work is so fetch!

Lacey Chabert sat down with PEOPLE Now to discuss her role in the new Hallmark Channel original movie, Moonlight in Vermont, her first project since giving birth to her first child, Julia Mimi Bella.

And like any new mother getting back to work, Chabert’s struggles of time away from her daughter have been real.

“I feel like I’m that typical new parent that’s nervous about everything,” she says about visiting the PEOPLE Now set without her 7-month-old daughter in tow. “This is the first time I’ve actually been away from her, so I’m nervous today just that she’s okay and she’s without her mom.”

The Mean Girls actress and her husband Dave Nehdar welcomed their baby girl into the world last September in Los Angeles, and since then, she’s been a hot commodity on the set of her mom’s projects.

“Having her on set with me was wonderful,” Chabert continues. “It was nice to have that part of myself back and to be working again, and to do both—I think it’s hard to manage both all the time, but for that three-week period, I got to do what I love and have her with me.”

She adds, “She’s the number one priority, but having her on set — every time I saw her it just lifted my spirits.”

And Julia uplifting the mood tended to be a new regular on set — for the whole cast!

“The whole crew gets so excited,” she says about Julia becoming the set mascot. “She was like the cheerleader!”

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