I love the La Leche League International Intimates by Q-T’s Nursing Tank. It is now, by far, my favorite nursing tank and I have tried nearly every one there is. I am actually wearing it right now because I wear it every second that I can. The poor thing is constantly in and out of the wash because I can’t bear to be without it. It is perfect in every category: fit, style, comfort and functionality. I can be hard to fit because I have a very long waist and very narrow shoulders, but this fits perfectly. It’s long enough to cover even my stomach without being too long. My other long tank constantly rolls up, but this stays put. The fabric is super soft and stretchy and I love the way it looks. It has a very flattering shape and cute elastic straps that are extremely comfortable. They never slip off my shoulders, which is a very rare thing for me.

Most important, of course, is function and this is what I love most about it. It is superb in use. It is my favorite top to wear, bar none. I really do wear it all the time. It is the very best thing I’ve found for nursing in public. It’s great on the train, sitting in a restaurant and walking through the grocery store. The hooks are easy to fasten and refasten with one hand, but the best part is what’s under the flap. Instead of a full drop away cup, which I usually prefer, or a circular opening, there is an overlapping slit opening. This is such a great idea. You can open it all the way for more access or keep it open just enough so that your baby has access while you are well covered. I mean really well covered. In fact when my sons pops off and on, as he constantly does now, I can just pop one side of the inside layer back and forth easily while leaving the main cup unhooked. It avoids situations where I’m sitting on a bench or walking down the street feeding him in a carrier fully exposed or having to constantly hook and rehook because he’s decided something else is more interesting for a moment or two over and over and over. I nurse everywhere and usually don’t feel uncomfortable, but on the rare occasion that I do, this solves the problem without having to resort to a nursing cover or blanket. I just can’t say enough good things about this tank.

I’ve also been lucky enough to try two other bras from their expanded nursing line, the Pullover Sports Bra and the Strapless Nursing Bra. Both are great ideas, very comfortable to wear and easy to use. If I weren’t wearing the tank all the time I’d wear the pullover sports bra more often. It offers the same easy clasp as the tank, but with wider straps, a racer back and tons of support. It really is comfortable and I’ve never really been a big fan of sports bras. The Strapless version is a pullover tube style that lifts up to expose the interior nursing opening and support. It comes with clear straps and has removable pads that give it a seamless look. It’s also comfortable and I haven’t seen another strapless nursing bra. I love strapless bras because of my narrow shoulders and the resulting strap problems, but even without that it’s great to have a strapless option.

All three of these, along with a wide selection of other items, including many other nursing bras and sleepwear can be found at All LLLI Intimates by Q-T nursing bras come with a nursing reminder bracelet marked with the La Leche League International logo that you can use to remind you which side your’re nursing on or just to hold your hair back. The fabulous selection of nursing bras offers something for every situation. Plus a portion of all proceeds goes to LLLI to support breastfeeding worldwide.

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