By peoplestaff225
Updated July 24, 2008 01:30 PM

It seems like nothing is missing in Kyra Sedgwick‘s life lately with a recent Emmy nomination, her success as co-executive producer and star of The Closer, and her twenty-year marriage to fellow actor Kevin Bacon. The 42-year-old actress thinks differently, however, as she admits that fame can take a toll — the biggest being the lack of time spent with her family, including Kevin and their two kids, son Travis and daughter Sosie.

Keeping her family home in New York, Kyra’s shooting schedule for her TV drama has her filming in Los Angeles, causing a difficult situation — which "seems to be getting a little bit harder" — that has Kyra missing her daughter almost more than she can stand! While 19-year-old Travis is "gone and he’s happy so that is okay," Kyra must deal with an "aching" feeling when she thinks about her 16-year-old daughter "home and available and I’m not there," saying "it feels so unmaneagable sometimes." While balancing family and work is tough for Kyra, she is thankful that "my kids are great and intact."

Source: USA Weekend; Photo by Donato Sardella/WireImage.