Kym Johnson Shares Her Pregnancy Diet and Fitness Tips: 'Truly So Excited to Be a Mum!'

"Pregnancy is such a special time for mothers-to-be but it can also be difficult if you don't know what to expect," Kym Johnson Herjavec said

Kym Johnson Herjavec is ensuring a healthy pregnancy (with twins!) by eating right and working out as much as she can.

The pregnant Dancing with the Stars pro, 41, shared what eating plan and fitness regime have worked for her at 24-weeks along. In a new post on her blog, The Bod By Kym Herjavec, posted on Jan. 15, the mother-to-be revealed how she’s found healthy alternatives to her pregnancy cravings and the “easy” workouts she’s remixed from her pre-babies routine.

“Pregnancy is such a special time for mothers-to-be but it can also be difficult if you don’t know what to expect,” Johnson Herjavec wrote. “The number one question I’ve gotten is what to do if you crave something unhealthy. My answer to that is simple: just indulge yourself.”

Adding, “Don’t feel guilty or be too hard on yourself about your cravings. Balance out your cravings with healthy food. Try to stay away from processed food and meat or food your doctor has advised you not to eat.”

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In December, Kym and husband, Shark Tank star Robert Herjavec told PEOPLE exclusively that they are expecting two babies, one day after she confirmed her pregnancy with an ultrasound photo featuring one of her unborn children flashing a thumbs-up gesture.

“One of the first cravings I had was chocolate croissants – I just couldn’t get enough! At first, I felt guilty because I normally eat very clean, but I learned to go easy on myself,” Johnson Herjavec continued in her blog post, sharing that she also indulged with McDonald’s french fries.

These days, when she has a craving for a chocolate croissant or fries, she opts for a piece of toast with some Nutella or sweet potato fries via an air fryer.

In addition, some of her favorite meals include salmon, salads and scrambled eggs while she loves snacking on apple slices, dried apricots, and Greek yogurt with some berries.

Kym Johnson/Instagram

While she’s eating clean, she’s also maintaining her physical activity by frequenting her Beverly Hills dance fitness studio with a take-it-easy approach.

“Staying fit can be very tricky when you’re pregnant. You’re exhausted all the time so motivating yourself to work out can be difficult,” Johnson Herjavec admitted.

“Personally, my doctor advised me not to exercise at all for the first three months. You can imagine how hard this was for me since I’ve been an active person my whole life,” she said.

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The two-time Mirrorball Trophy winner has ruled out jumping and running from her workouts and has included prenatal Pilates and dance cardio instead.

“I also do some upper body strength movements, since I don’t want my muscle to turn to flab,” Johnson Herjavec stated.

While Kym is experiencing pregnancy for the first time, husband Robert is already a father to three children from a previous marriage.

“Every pregnancy is different so it’s really important to listen to your body,” she advised. “Being pregnant is such a special experience and I’m truly so excited to be a Mum! It’s just so great to see how your body takes over and changes every day. My advice to any Mum-to-be is to stay positive and as stress-free as possible.”

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