A source told PEOPLE the Lip Kit business mogul is due in February
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Kylie Jenner may put an end to her social media empire now that she is going to be a mother.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, 20, who is expecting her first child with rapper boyfriend Travis Scott, revealed last summer that she’s thought about shutting down her accounts to focus on being a parent.

“Once I have a kid I’m not going to be on Instagram. You know, I’ll probably delete my Instagram and just … I don’t know, live life,” Jenner told Elle UK for their February 2016 cover story.

A source told PEOPLE the Lip Kit business mogul is due in February.

“They started telling friends a few weeks ago,” said the source. “The family has known for quite some time. She is really excited and so is Travis!”


Jenner has previously discussed how her life on reality television leads to many misconceptions about her personality, and that her online persona is mostly curated to please fans.

“There’s an image that I feel constantly pressured to keep up with,” she said during the two-part premiere of her KUWTK spin-off, Life of Kylie, which explored the behind-the-scenes of her day-to-day, the tight-knit group of friends she surrounds herself with, and the price that comes with living a life in the spotlight.

“In order to stay relevant for the public, I have to be on Instagram and I have to be on Snapchat just keeping people entertained. And then there’s who I really am around my friends. That’s who I want you guys to get to know,” Jenner explained.

Adding, “It’s way easier for me to post on Snapchat or Instagram than it is to be out in public. I just feel like for so long I’ve been putting on this different persona to the world — I felt like I started to depend on social media, feeling the need to post all the time. I feel like I have to keep up this idea of who I am.”

Jenner also called social media “a really mean, negative space” where she “kind of puts up a version of myself to the world that isn’t fully me.”