Kyle and Samantha Busch Expecting Baby Girl via Surrogate After More Than 8 Years of Infertility

"We have dreamed of this day being able to make Brexton a big brother," Samantha Busch shares

Samantha Busch
Photo: Samantha Busch/Instagram

Kyle and Samantha Busch are going to be parents again after years of sharing their heartbreaking experiences with infertility.

On Tuesday, the lifestyle blogger, 35, revealed the happy news on Instagram that she and her husband are expecting a baby girl via surrogate in May 2022. To go along with the exciting announcement, the couple shared an emotional video documenting the moment they told their 6-year-old son Brexton he would be a big brother.

The two-minute clip follows Kyle and Samantha as they bring Bretxon to a rainbow balloon arch where he is instructed to open a small gift. Brexton opens the box to find a lime (the size of the baby at the time) and a sonogram. He proceeds to hug his mom and exclaims, "My baby sister!"

The family of three then poses for several sweet shots together and Samantha changes into a pink shirt that reads, "Not showing still growing #surrogacy."

"You can't have a rainbow without a storm ⛈ 🌈 We are so incredibly happy to announce that our baby girl will be joining our family via a gestational carrier in May of 2022!!!!💗," Samantha begins her caption.

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"Some of the most beautiful things in life come after heartache and a whole lot of prayers. We have dreamed of this day being able to make Brexton a big brother and getting to tell him the exciting news FINALLY was one of the most special moments in life," she continues. "Thank you everyone who has supported us on our journey and did not give up hope just like we didn't. We are so beyond grateful that we have the most amazing GC to help us complete our family."

"We are forever humbled and appreciative to her and to all of you that have sent us so many encouraging messages over the years," she concludes.

For more than eight years, Samantha and Kyle have struggled with infertility, experiencing everything from a miscarriage to a failed IVF attempt and, in November 2020, a second unsuccessful IVF attempt while using an otherwise healthy surrogate.

Back in May, Samantha shared a candid video on her Instagram Story detailing her latest pregnancy attempt via an embryo transfer, which brought the couple hopeful news but ultimately proved unsuccessful.

Samantha Busch and Kyle
Samantha Busch/ instagram

Samantha began the video on April 21, explaining that she and Kyle had gone for an ultrasound appointment where the doctors found a gestational sac but it was "way smaller than what it was supposed to and they didn't see anything in it."

The following week, Samantha and Kyle received unexpected news during her vaginal ultrasound. Samantha explained that her doctor discovered "two little sacs," one of which "came out of nowhere."

Samantha appeared with Kyle in the last part of the video, which was filmed on April 30. She explained that the last few weeks had been "really difficult" as the "flicker" of a heartbeat and second sac provided "so much hope." At their next appointment, Kyle said they "got really bad news, that there's nothing there."

"I feel like we did everything right. This just has been the hardest round," Samantha said. "I just felt like it was going to be okay. I think infertility is just cruel and it's not fair."

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