Kumquat: the perfect clothes to keep and to give

Kumquat makes the most adorable clothes. Not only are they cute and stylish, but they are comfy too. Offering a wide variety of styles, these exceedingly cool baby clothes for boys and girls are offered in sizes for preemie through 24 months. There is so much to choose from. The line offers several prints and stripes each season for their very cute onesies, pants, skirts, dresses, tees, kimono wrap tops, blankets and so on. There are just way too many options to mention and each one is cuter than the last. I was lucky enough to receive two of their Fall 07 boy gift sets to try out on my son, Graedy. We love them. They are soft and stretchy and the fit is perfect. Plus they are adorable. He looks so cute. We have the airplane and the polar bear. Each one came with a long sleeve lap tee and a pair of pants that can be worn together or mixed with anything else. They are a really great gift option, as are any of the other items. The gift sets come in versions for both boys and girls that are perfect for the new baby gift.

Kumquat offers so many things I love that I either need more babies of my own or many more babies to buy gifts for. The clothes for girls are so cute they make me wish I had a little girl. They are very stylish and girly in a way that even I, who is not very fond of girly- girly anything, can love. I especially love the girl’s “Heartbeat” (featured for gift sets on the catalog page) and “Black Dandelion” (photo above, left) gift sets for Spring 08. The Spring 08 line offers more great prints and stripes as well as some very cute seersucker and, of course, the gift sets. The very fashionable clothes are not just popular with me and Graedy, Kumquat appeared in an episode of Sex in the City and more recently was worn by Danielynn for her 1st Birthday party as seen on The Insider and in US magazine, as well as here on CBB. You can find Kumquat at www.jujubeaneboutique.com or visit kumquatbaby.com for more information.

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