Kristian Alfonso: My family always comes first

Days of Our Lives star Kristian Alfonso, 44, recently sat down and discussed her sons — Gino William, 17, Jack, 5, and stepson Spartan, 14. The actress is hoping that her kids never cause her any of the problems that her character has had to deal with.

Gino is my clone. That’s what some of the people on the set at Days of our Lives call him. They ask, ‘How’s the clone?’ But he’s taller than I am — I have to look up at him. He’s 17 and so far, so good. I need to knock on some wood [laughs]. I hope I’m never confronted with the teenaged son problems that my character, Hope, has had to deal with. I do tend to find myself scratching my head going, ‘No, you can’t go out — it’s 9:30 at night!’"

As for Jack? "He has similarities [to me], but he truly does look like his dad. And Spartan looks like his dad as well.

Kristian is an extremely busy woman but she knows that family comes first.

Of course I was born on Labor Day, which I guess fits into my life since I’m always running somewhere. Being a mom and a wife is always first position. My family always comes first.

Family is so important to Kristian that she can’t stand to be away from her kids for an extended period of time — even when they are just down the street.

My husband and I have been so busy with our jobs and family that he’s like, ‘Honey, I’m going to take you away for a couple of days.’ And I look at him and go, ‘Can we just go to the hotel down the street?’ — which we’ve done before. He surprised me and took me to the Beverly Hills Hotel for my birthday a couple of years ago. We missed the kids, so we went to the hotel for lunch, laid out by the pool and relaxed. Then, before dinner, we drove home, checked on the kids, then we went to dinner and back to the hotel.

Spartan and Jack’s dad is Kristian’s husband Danny Daggenhurst. Gino’s dad is Kristian’s ex-husband Simon Macauley.

Source: iVillage

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