Kristen Bell Says Occasionally Splitting Daughters Up 'Deepens Our Experience'

Kristen Bell says quality time is the best time in the Bell Shepard household

Kristen Bell alliance of moms

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Kristen Bell spends her days working on NBC’s The Good Place. But for the mother of two, spending time at home with her family is a pretty good place, too.

“I had a great support system when I became pregnant and started raising my babies. I couldn’t have done it without asking a million questions. I think every mother deserves to have access to that support system,” Bell told PEOPLE at the Alliance of Moms Presents Raising Baby in Los Angeles, which included workshops led by experts in child development and brain development.

She adds, “There’s no excuse for us not to be the village for people who need it.”

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For Bell, 36, her village includes husband Dax Shepard, 41, and their daughters, Lincoln, 31/2, and Delta, 20 months.

“Normally we don’t do anything on the weekends except experience life with our kids,” Bell says.

Bell shares their family tactic for making sure they connect with their girls.

“Every now and again split them up and have one on one time,” she says. “I feel like that deepens our experience with them and our knowledge of who they are and who they’re becoming, as opposed to making just the herd of the family getting through breakfast or getting through nap time. Really taking that one on one time to put our phones down and enjoy who they’re becoming.”

When the girls are together, the sibling bond is strong. “When I see them making each other giggle or I see my oldest daughter attempting to make the baby laugh, it honestly just makes me want to explode,” she says.

Another favorite pastime of the Shepard girls is hide and seek, which is good for fun but not the upholstery in their home.

“They’re close to shredding the curtains because … it’s always their hiding spot,” she says.

In terms of physical pursuits, the girls are “both experimenting on bikes” and Lincoln is teetering the line of having her training wheels come off. “She always wants to try it, but the minute they come off, she’s hesitant,” Bell says.

But she chooses to look positively at Lincoln’s hesitation.

“I think she’s got a very normal frontal lobe,” she says. “[She’s] able to assess that there could be danger ahead, but we try to push her and also respect her boundaries.”

— Abby Stern

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