September 24, 2014 04:00 PM

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In a move that would make Veronica Mars proud, Kristen Bell has cracked the case of the baby name game.

She and husband Dax Shepard were “completely stumped” about what to call their second child earlier this summer, but the expectant parents have now solved the mystery.

“We had a little bit of a breakthrough. We’ve settled on one, thankfully,” Bell, 34, tells PEOPLE. “It’s a lot of pressure, especially because we felt ‘Lincoln’ was so perfect.”

As for when almost 18-month-old daughter Lincoln‘s little brother or sister is due, she says, “Hopefully sometime soon!”

And what does she think of Shepard’s new bell-shaped tattoo on his wedding finger?

“It was surprising. He just came home with a Band-Aid on his finger one day. Those are the kinds of surprises I get at home,” she jokes. “And people wonder why I keep letting him knock me up.”

Pregnant or not, the House of Lies actress always pays extra attention to staying healthy, making her the perfect brand ambassador for Neutrogena Naturals, a new skincare line full of bionutrients but free of harmful chemicals and parabens.

The idea is that people should be just as mindful of what they’re putting on their skin as they are in their bodies to lead natural lifestyles.

“It’s always simpler than you think. There is no gigantic trick to it. For me, it’s being more conscious of the world around me,” says Bell, who makes sure to conserve water in her home, get half an hour of exercise every day and eat plenty of fruits and veggies.

Not that she doesn’t indulge in some sweet treats. The Frozen star says she’s craving peanut butter during her pregnancy — and, as seen in her and Shepard’s adorable Samsung commercial, she has to steer clear from videos of “cute animals interacting.”

Bell also likes to play up her shape, favoring flowing dresses on the red carpet but snugger outfits at home.

“I make a joke that when I’m pregnant, I always dress a little sluttier,” she says, laughing. “It makes me feel more like a human and less like a whale.”

Though she didn’t celebrate Monday’s 10-year anniversary of Veronica Mars “other than with a smile and some nostalgia,” Bell is pumped for pal Ryan Hansen‘s spinoff web series, which takes meta to a whole new level.

The cult show’s actors play versions of themselves. Playing lovable loser Dick’s concept of their characters. While filming a CW pilot.

But if you ask Bell, someone else should have filled Neptune’s notorious teen detective’s shows long ago.

“I’m currently very excited for everybody to see the upcoming episodes of Play It Again, Dick, because I think it might be, dare I say, my favorite incarnation yet,” she teases. “I think Ryan Hansen should have been playing Veronica Mars all along.”

 — Michele Corriston

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