"I bathe my girls, but I don't want to bathe them every night because there's a water crisis," she says

While starring in two projects that have her portraying characters of questionable integrity, Kristen Bell says she’s recently become preoccupied with examining her own status as a “good” person and mom.

“My mind spins with every decision I make,” Bell, 36, told PEOPLE Thursday at San Diego’s Comic-Con International while promoting her forthcoming NBC series The Good Place, in which she plays a badly behaved woman who finds herself accidentally transported to an idyllic afterlife.

“I bathe my girls, but I don’t want to bathe them every night because there’s a water crisis in L.A. So what’s the balance of being respectful to the water crisis in Los Angeles, and keeping my kids clean?”

Kristen Bell

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Even little trinkets for daughters Lincoln, 3, and Delta, 19 months, make the Bad Moms star question herself.

“Grandma brings a toy home, and she says, ‘I’m sorry I brought a new toy, but it was only $3.99,’ ” Bell added. “And what goes through my brain is wanting to sit her down and say, ‘If you paid $3.99 for this, how much do you think the person who made it got? How much do you think the worker in Bangladesh got?’ Those things actually cross my mind!”

The internal queries don’t stop there.

“When we go get a sandwich at a sandwich shop, I think, ‘Was this meat humanely harvested?’ ” she confessed. ” ‘If I’m going to give it to my kids, even if it’s super healthy, is there bad juju involved? Is this local? Is this sustainable?’ In the age of information when you can see your connectivity to the rest of the world, it’s alarming how many questions I feel, if you are socially responsible, are socially required to ask yourself.”

And there’s more.

“I went through a phase of, I don’t know, six months when I was like, ‘I’m going to buy my kids clothing made in America,’ ” Bell revealed. “I actually did 30 days buying everything — I did a challenge on Twitter called ’30 Day USA,’ where I was like, ‘I’m going to try to find everything made in America, and see if the industry actually does exist.’ And it was very difficult!”

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She also gets a special kick out of dodging credit for the pay-it-forward moments she does indulge in.

“I think it’s actually more fun to be secretly generous because if you go to a restaurant and you’re like, ‘I’m going to slip this person 200 bucks. I’m going to do it.’ I don’t want them to see because when I leave the restaurant, I feel giddy because I feel like a secret superhero. Try it … What’s even cooler is when they don’t know where it comes from.”

“I think the karma is more infinite because people don’t believe that good people are the majority anymore,” explained Bell. “Human beings do not believe that good people are the majority. My data just tells me that’s wrong!”

— Scott Huver