July 07, 2016 09:00 AM

Kristen Bell‘s daughters might not have been overwhelmingly impressed with Frozen, but the actress has a new gig that just might pique their interest — and this time Dad’s getting involved, too.

PEOPLE can exclusively reveal that Bell and her husband Dax Shepard are teaming up to lend their voices to a new children’s TV show, Terrific Trucks, coming to NBCUniversal’s kid-TV outlet Sprout this Saturday.

“Mainly I’m jealous of my wife’s outstanding voiceover career and I’m really trying to bite at her heels,” Shepard quips to PEOPLE. “That’s the one thing she’s really got me on — well, there’s a few things, but that’s certainly one of them.”

All jokes aside, Shepard, 41, says working together is one of the couple’s “favorite ways to spend time together.”

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“I love working with my husband, I do it whenever I can,” Bell, 35, tells PEOPLE. “But I rarely work in a playing field where I have a leg up over him, because he’s a really good writer/director/actor, and I’m just a decent actor. I’m a passable actor. So it was great to see him be a little hesitant and look to me and be like: ‘Did I do that right?’ … It was nice to see his confidence waver ever so slightly to remind me that he’s human and not perfect and good at everything!”

Shepard, for his part, jokes being in the voiceover booth with his wife is “humiliating.”

“She’s a 10 right out of the gate,” he says. “So she does her thing perfectly the first time around — and then I do about 12 [takes] before we find one that’s good.”

The duo, who share daughters Lincoln, 3½, and Delta, 18 months, will each be voicing guest-starring roles throughout the season of the new show, which features five trucks in a real world setting.

“We’re a family of gear-heads, so this seemed perfect,” says Bell. “Our children love anything with a motor.”

According to the couple, their daughters got their love of all things motorized (“they both love their Hot Wheels,” says Bell) from Dad, who proudly calls himself “a machinery junkie.”



“I’ve had the experience of playing a princess cartoon for the past few years, so I thought I’d even it out and play a little truck!” explains Bell, who plays Zippy, an energetic mini-loader. “It’s an adorable way to tell a heartfelt, educational story — by anthropomorphizing these trucks.”

Shepard, who voices both Digby, a mini-excavator, and Trench, a trench-digging truck, enjoys working on something age-appropriate for his young daughters: “I think there’s something really neat about the fact that we’re going to be able to watch this with them,” he says.



And while Bell says life at home with two toddlers is one big “sticky surface,” the star wouldn’t trade it for the world.

“It’s exhausting to be woken up so early every morning but you do it with a smile on your face because it’s really, really fun,” she says. “It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Every stupid cliché I’ve ever read has come true.”

So with two of Hollywood’s most beloved actors as parents, can we expect two future stars out of the girls?

“They better be — that’s my retirement plan,” Dax jokes. “I pulled in the driveway the other night and [Lincoln] just stared at me and did this insane dance for about 60 seconds. I thought to myself: ‘Yeah, she’s got the goods.’ That’s the foundation one needs to try to entertain strangers!”

“They’re going know how to deliver a punch line, that’s for sure,” Bell adds.

But don’t expect the duo to be expanding that lineage of comedians.

“I’m done. I’m tapped!” says Bell of having more kids.

“Well, Kristen could have an affair,” Shepard, who recently revealed he’s undergone a vasectomy, quips. “These things happen. And I would certainly raise the offspring of that affair. But there won’t be another half Dax-Shepard. My 23 chromosomes won’t make it into anyone.”

Terrific Trucks premieres Saturday at 9 a.m. ET on NBCUniversal’s Sprout.

— Aurelie Corinthios

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