Kristen Bell Reveals Her Daughter 'Washed Her Hair with Vaseline': 'I Can't Get It Out'

"Does anyone have any tips on how to get it out?" Kristen Bell asked Instagram followers after one of her girls took petroleum jelly to her blonde locks

Kristen Bell's daughter washes her hair with Vaseline
Photo: Kristen Bell/Instagram; Inset: Bennett Raglin/Getty

Not even celeb moms like Kristen Bell have all the answers for parenting’s unpredictable moments.

The Good Place actress shares two daughters — 5-year-old Delta and her big sister Lincoln, who turns 7 next month — with husband Dax Shepard. And one of the girls recently got into a hairy situation when she followed through on an assumption that petroleum jelly would make a solid hair product.

“My daughter just washed her hair with Vaseline and I can’t get it out. Has this ever happened to anyone? Does anyone have any tips on how to get it out?” Bell, 39, asked her followers in a Monday Instagram Story video.

She then went on to show the effects of her little girl’s experiment up close, running her fingers through her daughter’s blonde locks and saying with a laugh, “I washed it three times now but it’s not getting any better.”

Bell did seem to eventually figure it out with a little help from the internet, saying in a third video, “Okay, the consensus was dish soap and I appreciate that. I’m very grateful for you guys, ’cause I don’t know what I’m doing.”

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Kristen Bell's daughter washes her hair with Vaseline
Kristen Bell/Instagram; Inset: Bennett Raglin/Getty
Kristen Bell's daughter washes her hair with Vaseline
Kristen Bell. Kristen Bell/Instagram

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Bell’s daughters — particularly Lincoln — have already had their adventurous streaks encouraged by their parents, from accompanying them to sand dunes to, in Lincoln’s case, learning the ins and outs of motorcycle operation and rocking a huge hair change.

In October, the Frozen 2 voice actress told PEOPLE that she was “all for” her older child’s decision to have the side of her head shaved five months earlier: “Look, it’s her body. It’s not my head — that’s a cooler, ballsier choice than I’ll ever be able to make.”

Of course, Bell was characteristically honest with her daughter about her drastic haircut.

“I did say to her, ‘You know, it will take a year to grow back. It’s really not going to be there, so I want you to make sure that you’re into it,’ ” she recalled, sharing that when Lincoln gave the go-ahead, Shepard, 45, took his clippers and shaved the side of her head himself.

Dax Shepherd Kristen Bell
Kristen Bell/Instagram; Inset: Rich Polk/Getty

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“She started riding a motorcycle when she was 3½ years old. I mean, she’s kind of a baller,” Bell praised. “She loves that [her hair is] what makes her unique. She loves getting compliments on it, and I think that’s wonderful.”

In November, the mother of two opened up about Shepard’s insistence on teaching Lincoln to ride a motorcycle at a young age, telling Kevin Nealon on his YouTube series Hiking with Kevin that it was a safety measure for her future.

“[Dax] said to me, ‘I want you to know why I’m doing this. Because when [Lincoln is] 16 and she’s got a boyfriend who rides a motorcycle, there is not a girl who rides well in the world that would get on the back of a boyfriend’s motorcycle,’ ” Bell said. ” ‘If she rides, she’s gonna want to either ride her own or he’s gonna be on the back. And I want to know that she has the training from me and the wherewithal to do it.’ ”

” ‘I don’t want her on the back of some 16-year-old bozo who doesn’t know how to drive,’ ” added the Veronica Mars actress. ” ‘So I will give her the skills that she needs to be cautious and prepared, and that way we know she’s in charge and not at the whim of some 16-year-old who just got his license.’ “

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