Kristen Bell Calls Her Daughter's Shaved Head a 'Ballsier Choice Than I'll Ever Be Able to Make'

Frozen 2 voice actress and Lightlife spokeswoman Kristen Bell celebrates her child's hairstyle as a form of self-expression

Kristen Bell is doubling down on her daughter’s right to make bold style choices.

Five months after it was first revealed her 6½-year-old daughter Lincoln had shaved the side of her head — a look she’s still rocking today — the star chats with PEOPLE, sharing details about raising confident kids and how she encourages their self-expression and unique choices.

“Hell yeah, I’m all for it,” says the Frozen 2 voice actress, 39. “Look, it’s her body. It’s not my head — that’s a cooler, ballsier choice than I’ll ever be able to make.”

Bell, who is partnering with Lightlife to promote the company’s plant-based products, released a commercial with husband Dax Shepard that highlights the couple’s honest parenting techniques.

“We wanted to create a community with the commercial of people who are being brutally honest with their kids because some of it really can be very funny,” she says.

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Dax Shepherd and kids
Kristen Bell/ Instagram

Of course, Bell was characteristically honest with her daughter about her drastic haircut.

“I did say to her, ‘You know, it will take a year to grow back. It’s really not going to be there, so I want you to make sure that you’re into it,’ ” she tells PEOPLE, sharing that when Lincoln gave the go-ahead, Shepard, 44, took his clippers and shaved the side of her head himself.

While Bell — who also shares 4½-year-old daughter Delta with her actor and podcast-host husband — doesn’t know where their older child got the idea, she suspects it may have been from a skateboard Barbie and says that Lincoln has always been bold and daring.

“She started riding a motorcycle when she was 3½ years old. I mean, she’s kind of a baller,” Bell praises. “She loves that [her hair is] what makes her unique. She loves getting compliments on it, and I think that’s wonderful.”

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One of The Good Place actress’s favorite parts of motherhood, in fact, is getting to foster forms of self-expression like this in her daughters.

“I don’t tell them what to wear. Even though I’m desperate for them to wear cuter clothes, they want to wear what they want to wear. If it’s sparkly and it feels comfortable, it’s for them and it’s who they are,” she tells PEOPLE.

“I’m not here to tell them who they are. I’m here to learn about who they are,” Bell adds.

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