"It's painful when you're engorged," Kristen Bell says of not pumping for a day while filming CHiPs with husband Dax Shepard

By Jen Juneau
March 23, 2017 01:20 PM

Kristen Bell may not have performed death-defying stunts for her new role in husband Dax Shepard‘s movie CHiPs — as his character’s wife, fittingly — but she did commit to the part in one very physical way.

“I was like, ‘My craft deserves it. I gotta do it. I’m a serious actor,’ ” Bell told Seth Meyers Wednesday evening. “I was breastfeeding at the time. I wanted my character to have an aggressive boob job, like it’s the only thing you can think about when you see someone.”

“So I didn’t pump for a full day,” explains the Veronica Mars alum, 36. “And I said to the kids, ‘Daddy’s making a movie, go to the fridge, the food truck is closed.’ ”

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Bell defends her decision by pointing out to the audience that she usually isn’t endowed at the level she wanted to be while playing her character. But when she was breastfeeding, it was a whole different story.

“It’s real nice,” the mom to daughters Delta, 2, and Lincoln, 3½, recalls of that time in her life. “When people see [the movie], there’s so much cleavage and they’re like, ‘Your husband kind of sexualized you.’ I’m like, ‘First of all, nobody sexualizes me but me, okay? I suggested it.’ ”

There’s one scene where the actress took the boob action a little too far, though — at least according to her husband, who both wrote and directed the film, which is based on the late-’70s/early-’80s series of the same name.

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“The one disagreement we had on the set of CHiPs was that I came out in that red bathing suit and I had the zipper undone to, like, here,” she explains of Shepard, 42, gesturing at her torso. “He’s like, ‘Honey, you gotta zip that up. It’s good but it’s just pulling focus.’ ”

“I know that I’ve transitioned into being a different kind of movie viewer, because when I saw that clip, my reaction was, ‘Someone just had a kid,’ ” says Meyers, whose son Ashe Olson turns 1 on Monday.

“Yeah! Someone needs to let a little off the top, if you know what I mean,” Bell says. “But it’s painful when you’re engorged. That’s why it was my physical sacrifice.”

CHiPs premieres nationwide Friday.