Kris Allen on Why Fatherhood Is 'Mind-Blowing': 'The Way I Love My Son Is Different Than How I've Loved Anyone Else'

"I think that's been really eye-opening because falling in love with a child is really interesting," he tells PEOPLE

When it comes to love for his family, Kris Allen says there are “No Boundaries.”

“The way I love my son is different than how I’ve loved anyone else. It’s mind-blowing,” the American Idol alum tells PEOPLE of his firstborn, 2½-year-old Oliver Neil.

“I think that’s been really eye-opening because falling in love with a child is really interesting, and knowing that they are from you … It really opens you up.”

Kris Allen

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With his new album Letting You In out Friday, Allen says he found inspiration everywhere — from mainstream radio (Alessia Cara‘s “Here” is a favorite) to fatherhood — but there aren’t any parenting-motivated tracks on this set.

“I don’t know if there’s a specific tune that’s inspired by it, but I am inspired by seeing my son grow up. I don’t remember anything from when I was 2: You just forget those feelings and all the simple things that excited you,” says Allen, 30, who adds by becoming a parent “you get to experience them again through them. I think that’s really inspiring.”

For Oliver, his favorite recent discoveries are things that fly. “Any time a plane goes over the house and you can hear it, he wants to jump outside and go see it,” says Allen. “It’s funny to see that stuff.”

The singer-songwriter and his wife Katy will soon get to experience even more joys of parenting when they welcome their second child in June — especially because they’re not going to learn the sex of their next little one until the birth.

“We found out with our son, but we just feel like there’s not enough mystery in the world today,” says the singer. “Now it’s kind of like: Let’s have fun with it! We’re not putting a ton of pressure on it.”

Not that it’s been a completely stress-free process prepping for the new addition: Oliver might not be quite ready to be a big brother … or share Mom and Dad.

“We’re trying [to prepare him]. I don’t know if he completely understands it or if he’s gonna love it,” Allen says with a laugh. “I think he might be a little jealous.”

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— Jeff Nelson

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