See the first family photos of Kris Allen's new family of four — and find out why he named his daughter Rosie

By Jeff Nelson
October 20, 2016 04:00 PM

What’s in a name? That which we call a … Rosie!

When Kris Allen and his wife Katy welcomed their second child in June, they were surprised it was a girl.

As the American Idol alum previously told PEOPLE, they wanted to keep the sex of their second-born a surprise after they had found out 3-year-old son Oliver Neil‘s sex before he was born. But Allen, 31, was expecting another son.

“Throughout my distant family, there’s like one girl on my dad’s side. So we didn’t even have any idea that we were gonna have a girl, and we didn’t find out until she was born,” the singer says. “I definitely wasn’t expecting it.”

Jason Myers
Jason Myers

Having anticipated welcoming a boy to their brood, Allen says coming up with the name Rose Elizabeth — or Rosie, as they call her — took some time.

“We had 30-something boy names, and it was the only girl name we had. And so we kind of sat with it for a couple days when she was born, and it just worked,” the Nashville artist says in the new issue of PEOPLE.

And as it turns out, Rosie is a family name — but that wasn’t a deciding factor in settling on the moniker.

“We figured out later that my grandpa’s mom, they called her Rosie. And I think two people on my wife’s side they called Rosie,” Allen adds. “So it was kind of cool — we inadvertently named her after a family name.”

Allen is gearing up to release his album Somethin’ About Christmas (due Nov. 4) and will hit the road for the Comfort & Joy Holiday Tour this winter. But for the time being, he’s enjoying life at home with his children.

“She’s just got me wrapped around her little finger!” says the singer, who released his fifth album, Letting You In, this spring. “Whatever she wants, I’m there for her.”

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