The Krazy Coupon Lady shares five easy tips on how to start couponing for your family

Krazy Coupon Lady tips

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It’s true that kids are expensive, but the choice to have a family (hey, it’s too late to give them back now) doesn’t have to mean saying a final farewell to all your hard-earned cash.

There’s an easy way to save thousands (yes, thousands) of dollars every year on items you purchase regularly. Because, really, who wouldn’t mind a few extra stacks of cash in their purse?

What is this magical money saver? Couponing!

There are a lot of different ways to coupon, and you don’t have to go to the extreme to save major amounts of money.

Looking to dip your toe in the couponing waters and see how much you can save? Check out five easy tips from The Krazy Coupon Lady to get started!

Find and Print Coupons at Home
You don’t have to comb through the Sunday paper to find great coupons. Sites like,, and bring the best coupons to you and let you print the ones you want.

You can also find great coupons by following a few of my favorite brands (including Del Monte, Dole, Earthbound, Fresh Express and Organic Girl) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Stack Coupons and Deals
Many stores will let you combine their sale prices with manufacturer’s coupons and other discounts. Stacking coupons can lead to extreme deals. In fact, there are times I actually make money on a product by doing this.

Price Match
Sometimes you can skip the coupons (or use them also and get even bigger discounts) when you shop at stores that offer price matching. For example, I use the Amazon app to scan barcodes at Target and Walmart. If I find products are cheaper on Amazon, I simply check out at guest services, show the prices in the app and they match them. It’s a simple process, and I can even use coupons on top of this to save even more!

Sign Up for Loyalty Programs
If you have small children at home, signing up for loyalty programs is a must! I don’t bother entering my loyalty codes in these, but instead use them for their other perks.

I’ve found the Huggies Enjoy the Ride, Pampers Gifts to Grow, Similac Strong Moms, Enfamil Family Beginnings, and My Gerber loyalty programs are especially worth it as they send coupons, full-size samples and formula checks.

Stock Up
When you find a great deal on a product you buy regularly, stock your shelves! Taking advantage of good deals and coupons to create a reserve supply of items is the easiest way to avoid overpaying for something when you run out and you’ve gotta have it.

For more money-saving tips (not to mention coupons), visit and find out how you can save big with little hassle.