"I really want to enjoy the stage he's at now. I don't look forward and say, 'I can't wait until he's walking.' I want to enjoy right now," she explains.

He may only be 11-months-old, but Mason Dash is already growing up too fast for mom Kourtney Kardashian.

“I remember how quickly those first few days went by. I cried every day that it was one less day I would have with Mason [as an infant],” the first-time mama tells the December/January issue of Babytalk.

“We had lots of visitors, but I remember basically living in my pajamas. We never left the house. That month was all about Mason.”

And while outings weren’t a common occurrence during those first few weeks, according to Kardashian, neither was sleep for her and boyfriend Scott Disick!

“I nursed Mason every two hours. He loved to sleep all day and party all night,” she recalls. “It was actually a fun time, though! Scott and I would stay up watching movies and taking turns trying to rock Mason to sleep.”

Having moved past the newborn stage with her son, Kardashian is focused on the present and not on the future. “I really want to enjoy the stage he’s at now. I don’t look forward and say, ‘I can’t wait until he’s walking.’ I want to enjoy right now,” she explains.

That said, when Mason does hit any major milestones, the star of Kourtney and Kim Take New York will be ready — phone in hand!

“I forgot to write down some of Mason’s milestones. Luckily, a lot of them were caught on camera,” Kardashian says. “Now I immediately enter everything into my cell phone so I always have them, and then into the baby book.”

One memory she won’t be forgetting? “I will never forget the first time Mason smiled at me,” she recalls. “The innocence of a baby is magical.”


— Anya Leon