Kota and Pals Hatchlings

Spring is a time of rebirth, and during the Pleistocene era this meant baby dinosaurs. No more baby dinosaurs hatch on our planet, alas, but I love the Kota & Pals Hatchlings little dino babies toys ($19).Choose from a purple Stegosaurus, green T-Rex, orange Pterodactyl, or brown Triceratops. More than just soft little creatures, these battery-operated toys respond to touch. Stroke the stegosaurus spikes and he arches like a cat, growl/purrs, and ducks his head. Touch him again, and he wags his little tail.

My 4-year-old instantly bonded with his hatchling, and it’s sweet to hear his imaginative conversation and games with this little purple stegosaurus.

Face it, our kids have higher standards for their toys today. They are products of the technological age, and usually they expect a level of interactivity or “bells & whistles” of some kind. The way these hatchlings respond to touch will thrill even the most sophisticated toddler. Also, these cute little buggers come WITH batteries included, which always charms the most cynical moms.

They’re also available at major toy retailers.

— Alix

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