When she was still an expectant mother, Constance Marie did her homework — and then some! “I studied more for having a baby than I did for the SATs,” the 40-year-old actress tells Us Weekly. “I took every single class you could possibly take; I took CPR…I took baby care…I read every book.”

Although some moms are content to let instinct be their guide, Constance — who welcomed daughter Luna Marie, 7 months, in February — took a different approach. She explains,

It didn’t take Constance long to learn “how many things trigger danger,” and she says that together with fiancé Kent Katich, baby-proofing is high on their list of priorities. “We just keep anything that could poke her, pinch her, or hurt her — in any way — away from her,” she explains.

The couple have already done their part to make Luna’s immediate surroundings as safe as possible, however, with a top-to-bottom eco-friendly nursery. “In my research I found out that the nursery can be one of the most toxic rooms in the house, because the carpet is new, the paint is new, the furniture is new,” she notes.

The couple’s favorite family time is dinner. “Luna sits in the middle [of the table] on a changing pad, with a pacifier in her mouth,” Constance describes with a smile, “looking to one side as Kent is eating, and then at me as I’m eating, and she sits there [sucking and staring].”

The best part of motherhood, however, are Luna’s toothless grins. “When she smiles it doesn’t matter how much sleep I haven’t gotten, it doesn’t matter how poopy her diapers are, it doesn’t matter anything because she loves me and I love her and I’ve never experienced anything like it,” Constance raves.

Source: Us Weekly

— Missy