Kites, Tails and Toys
What: An online toy store specializing in every kind of toy imaginable including hard-to-find classics from mom and dad’s childhood.
Why We Love It: If you are shopping only for Made in the U.S.A. toys these days, there is a filter you can use to make your browsing easier (you can search for toys Made in Germany as well). Also, local customers can stop by the facility to pick items up and save on shipping.
Shop Here For: Classics from your childhood like Gumby and Friends ($5-$10) or Pink Panther ($8.99) and more modern baubles like Melissa & Doug ($9.99-$129.99) or Baby Einstein ($7-$20).
Our Favorites: Not that we are encouraging you to you buy these for your kids, but we haven’t seen candy cigarettes ($10) in years! Also, these awesome Water Balloon Launchers ($10-$16) make us wish we were ten again.
CBB Deal: Save $10 off any Schleich order over $50 when you use code Schleich50 (expires June 30, 2009). Free UPS Ground shipping is always offered for orders over $100 (within the continental US).

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